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“I was maybe five and I could feel the petals on my face. It was a really nice feeling, and I thought that's what they meant. I thought that's what smelling was, to have my face in the flowers or the feeling of flower petals on my face.”  

Lori, USA interviewee. 

What would life be like if you lived in an odorless world? People with congenital anosmia like me never get to experience what smell is. I have had many conversations throughout my life about smell, or lack of. My aim was to create understanding, education and humour to open up a conversation about this condition.

I wanted to collect primary and secondary research to gain a deeper and broader understanding of my subject matter. I went about this by seeking out online groups of people with this condition. These led to conversations and interviews where I discovered that many people only realize they have anosmia around the age of 7 to 11 when they reach self-awareness. This developed into my film’s narrative seen through the eyes of a young heroine, experiencing the quirks and mishaps of living in an odorless world. I intentionally used the medium of stop motion animation and felt needling as a tool to communicate these stories.  


Global Design Graduate Show 2022 in collaboration with GUCCI 



Independent International Shorts - Best Animation 2023

International World Film Festival - Best Super Short 2023 


World Student Impact Film Festival 2023

We Make Films International Film Festival 2023


British Indie Festival Film & Music 2023

Lisbiff Lisboa - Indie Film Festival 2023

Suffolk Shorts - Best Student Film 2o23

Milan Short Film Festival - Best Student Short 2023

Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions @ PinewoodStudios 2022

EAT OUR SHORTS - Best Film 2022

Student World Impact Film Festival 2023

Story? - International Student Documentary Festival 2023

Oz Indie Film Festival - Animated & Motion Design Short 2023

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